Our Range of Green services will not only enable us to help you, but also ensure we do our bit for Our Planet. 

Interior Design

Domestic Help

With more & more people becoming aware of our impact our beautiful planet, we are now able to offer a range of products designed to offer you Eco-friendly alternatives to the current cleaning brands on the market.

We are able to use natural products providing simple solutions to your need for a sparkle as well as keeping your home, your family, your pets and the Planet safe from synthetic chemicals.

General Errands

Whilst we run your Errands we evaluate the most Eco - Friendly way of doing this for you. Where possible we will run errands on foot, or biking where possible. However if errands usually require us to us a vehicle in this case we exercise the following precautions to minimise impact on the environment: 

  • Use higher gears, reducing engine revs,

  • Keep to a steady speed and distance

  • Avoiding the use of Air conditioning.

  • Check Our tyres Weekly.

  • Avoiding Over revving

  • Avoid Over breaking

  • Driving Carefully,

Personal Shopping / Gift Services

With Plastic, paper and Styrofoam packaging being used excessively in today's society. We now proudly offer the use of recyclable or biodegradable packaging and avoiding Styrofoam at all costs . whilst using our own Eco friendly cloth, recycled thick plastic or natural fibre reusable shopping bags to carry out our errands. 

Our team is one who whilst bringing you the very best value for money will aim to shop at local farmers markets for in season, locally grown and reared foods,  as well as source sustainable products from the local independent merchants upon request.

Holiday Services

Whilst your on Holiday, we will ensure your paper, milk and other subscriptions are all placed on hold to ensure wastage is minimised. Our team is able to set/adjust timers to give the appearance of you being home whilst not wasting valuable energy. 

When returning home, we are able to offer a welcome home shop, this can contain locally sourced and organic upon request. 


When our team carry out a home organisation/ De-cluttering service, any waste can be disposed of on your behalf. We will recycle, reuse and donate as much as we possibly can. Our aim is to put as little into landfill as possible. 

If we are requested we can offer support on how to:

Get serious on energy and water usage.

Install Energy Efficient Bulbs and smart meters

Create your own compost. 



Our Project management sources local high class trades whom also offer Eco friendly options. We ensure our trades are not only 5* rated but also carry this through to ensuing their services make use of natural and recyclable products where possible. 

Over all the aim is to make your home as environmentally low impact as possible. Using materials and technology that reduces its carbon footprint, and lowering its energy needs.. 

Because together we can...

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