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How to clean the kitchen with Elite Errands MK

Are you like me, feel like the kitchen is the most clean room in your home?

Actually the Kitchen is the most dirtiest place in many homes today........

With most of the population choosing to Keep their pets & their belongings in the kitchen, with laundry as well as all the handles and surfaces that are touched nearly hourly, especially if you have a family, Those Germs , marks and mess all take advantage whilst your not watching.

  • Wash down the tops of your units

  • Dust down & clean the inside of your cupboards & Draws.( Any food that's not going to be eaten donate to the local community fridge or Food bank)

  • Wipe down the Kitchen Cupboard Doors & Counter tops

  • Clean the tops and fronts of appliances

  • Scrub the Stove top & Extractor hood

  • Wipe out the oven and clean glass

  • Wash the Kick Boards

  • Wash up & Put away Dishes

  • Scrub the sink, taps and draining board

  • Dump & Rinse dishwasher food trap

  • Clean the top of your Fridge, Remove any old food from the fridge and dispose of or again donate if in date. Wash fridge shelves, rubber seals & the inner is debris free

  • Wipe down the freezer as above and the fronts of the fridge/freezer

  • Clean the inside of the Microwave & toaster including the crumb tray

  • Descale the coffee maker & Kettle and clean them

  • Wipe the light & electrical Switches

  • Wash walls where required

  • Dust chairs and Stools

  • Wash table top and treat if required.

  • Wipe down all Skirting and room edges with duster

  • Clean windows and Windowsills down, as well as washing blinds or Curtains

  • Empty bins and wash them too

  • Hoover, mop & polish flooring

  • Put all cleaning cloths, hand & dish towels into the laundry and replace with clean

OR Call us today and allow us to put that sparkle in your life, Our one-stop service will enable you to spend your precious time with loved ones and not worry about the above for now.

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